5 Ways We Can Improve America’s Environment

As someone who is honored to live in the great state of North Carolina, I have experienced her serene beaches, picturesque mountain ranges, and variety of parks and natural beauty.  I believe that it is my duty to fight against dangerous practices that are irresponsibly harming our great state and nation. In doing so we can preserve this state for our children and can achieve more economic progress through implementing progressive, forward-thinking policies and projects that will help both the environment and North Carolina’s economy.NC Environment

These are 5 keys to bettering the environment of North Carolina and the U.S.:

  • No more fracking: It is pumping toxic chemicals into the water table and creating instability leading to seismic activity.
  • No offshore drilling: This is an environmentally dangerous and unnecessary effort to undertake.  Right now there is over-saturation in the oil market, and there is no need to drive more into the supply pipeline.
  • Create increased federal usage of renewable energy: Mandate 50% of all power usage from all new federal buildings be from renewable and non-fossil fuel sources. This could be started by placing solar panels on the roofs of all new federal buildings.
  • Reduce our carbon emissions: Done through legislative action that encourages the reduction in the use of coal, and the placement of solar manufacturing in former coal producing areas to provide for continued well paid employment for the former coal industry workers.
  • Invest in the research and design of energy storage platforms: This would allow for continuous power provision even when renewable energies are not available, such as solar power at night and wind power on calm days.

There are a number of other ways to move forward on this program, and the US must be the world leader in this effort.  It is also important for us to lead the energy development efforts in under-developed countries so that they do not have to use fossil fuels to power their growth the way we did in the industrial revolution.